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My friend Kitty and i also are already so not feeling this all ‘ I always take action in my active wear” phenomenon. This active turf wear war between America U.. S of A (whatever her name is ho…hudson )and our personal Brisbane brand with the cheesy slogan slayer ‘Yawner’ Jane… (oops sorry Lorna Jane) going dumbbell to dumbbell pushing their lycra drug, like a quick fix slimming pill. gothic - Nothing tall poppy here obviously, given her high amounts of motivation we realize she could handle our unfounded ‘whatevs’ opinion! Enlisting some kick butt silicon valley spam artists it seems most of us have been drowning in the slippery slide of ho hum, oh so boring lycra because of these internet active wear pushers. iron fist clothing - Imagine our pure delight when L . a . designer Rojas finally delivered with your very own velvet (custom made for yours truly and Trash Monkey gave us dibs) active wear… so smooth… we called it our velvet dirty stop out wear and that we vowed not to reserve it for your gym. These soft velvet threads are far too great for that. So good that Kitty and I continued a our personal velvet underground trip in our pursuit to prove that active wear is indeed quicker to peel off after having a long hard day at the checkout being looked at through the shelf packer we recognized from your gig within the valley yesterday evening! So we took the shelf packer towards the local backpackers and he made us promise this was no room 64. We liked this tattooed boy already!

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